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                Frequency Converters Directed by Market Demand Gradually Diversified
                From the demand side, the frequency converter is gradually moving towards diversification. The emergence of general and special products is to meet the diverse needs of users.
                China's Inverter Market is Full of Challenges
                Safety performance of motor is very important
                The motor manufacturer has the characteristics of control system technology and advanced technology development. Of course, as a new generation of motor series, it is necessary to understand that the new motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, no space at all when used, and the manufacturer also has certain requirements for the shape of the motor, which meets the aesthetic view of most customers. Moreover, as a manufacturer of safety performance, it also makes strict requirements for motors, which are very reliable in operation.
                Electric Machinery Factory teaches you how to distinguish the good from the bad of DC motor!
                As a motor factory for many years, it knows all kinds of motors very well. So for all kinds of motor judgment is also very proficient. In this paper, the judgement of DC motor can be made on the basis of temperature, speed and vibration and noise.
                Answer motor problems?
                As we all know, the insulation damage of three-phase motor is caused by excessive current, excessive variation of power supply voltage, single-phase operation, mechanical collision and poor manufacturing. The winding inter-turn short-circuit, inter-winding short-circuit
                Examples of motor application
                In order to develop enterprises in the process of transformation, enterprises should choose their own right position, base themselves on survival, work hard and develop steadily. The production and sale of small and medium-sized motors in China are influenced
                How to Choose Servo Motor
                Many people do not know how to judge the performance of the servo motor and how to choose the servo motor. Here I will tell you how to judge the performance and choice of the servo motor. Servo motors are divided into stepping motors, DC brushless servo motors, DC brushless servo motors and AC servo motors according to the common distinction

                YB3 Series Explosion-proof Motor YB3 Series Explosion-proof Motor

                YE3 Series Energy-saving Motor YE3 Series Energy-saving Motor

                YVF Series Variable Frequency YVF Series Variable Frequency

                YX3 Series High Efficiency Motor YX3 Series High Efficiency Motor

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